Product description


Paper Cans, Composite Cans, Paper Doses, Rigid Paper Composite Cans, Tubes and Round Boxes are made of cardboard and offer durability, performance, low costs, reduced weight of the packaged product, minimize the impact on the environment and conserve energy. They are available for food and non-food industry applications, with a variety of label and barrier options, as well as an easy opening that allows you to design a successful innovative package.

Paper cans, rigid paper containers and composite round boxes can also be made from recycled paper. We offer a modern packaging design, we can make virtually any kind of cardboard container, in a wide range of diameters and heights.

These types of packaging are used for the packaging of the following products on the market:
– various foodstuffs (coffee, cereals, biscuits, confectionery, spices and seasonings, baking powders, yeast, breadcrumbs, cheeses, chocolate powder, bleach, coffee, citric acid, corn starch, rice, flour, powdered sugar, sauces, hot chocolate, soups, nuts, peanuts, pepper, snacks, teas, sweets, etc.)
– tobacco;
– wines and spirits;
– concentrates and frozen products;
– infant powder;
– nutritional supplements;
– toys, clothes and promotional products;
– beauty and health products, body care (powder, perfumes, soaps, hair products, etc .;
– pet food;
– household cleaning chemicals (adhesives, insulators, chemicals, detergents, cleaning products, deodorants, etc.);
– products for horticulture and gardening (flower seeds, grass seeds, insecticides, adhesives, etc .;
– gift package.

Dose characteristics:
Height: between 50 – 900 mm
Diameters of: Ø 40, 52.8, 65, 80, 99, 131 mm
Wall thickness: between 0.5 – 2.2 mm
Upper or lower cover lid/cap can be made of paper, sheet metal or plastic applied inside or outside the dose.
Aluminum seal with opening ear can be applied to certain diameters.